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We create platform for digital services
that will help to optimize your business.

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Who We Are

We know how to make economy really digital

We are a group of companies passionate about creating platform for hosting services for making digital economy really digital. We contribute to different fields of communication between people, creating basis for our platform. The main goal is to simplify business communication and to provide new possibilities, especially for self-employed.


Accumulating resources for sharing processes. We believe every resource could be used more effictive with good sharing strategy. We accumulating resources for further sharing.


Producing specialists for the system. We contribute to education in order to create specialists who could think ahead of time.


Connection with govermental services. We are not disrupting but optimizing services for digital communication.


Processing all financial operations in our unique way. Guarantees of payments for those who use our system.


System to verify trust level. Trust, insurance and security is our main priority.


We are developing platform for sharing every resources we have and we don't have. We are making sharing process easy, and making sharing business profitable for companies and individuals.


We construct devices needed for our ideas. What's not exist is just a new task for us.


Combining all together to reach our main goal.

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info@reversea.net +7 (925) 722 34 24

Where To Find Us

143082 Russia
Moscow region, Odintsovsky dist.
Zhukovka, 185